Eyelash Extensions

Our Party Lashes are great for special occasions, they can last anywhere from 1 day up until a week. Available in 3 lengths of Short, Medium and Long. Cluster Lashes are a great option for school formals and can be applied during your makeup application.

Cluster Lashes

$3 per cluster
$30 full set

Graft a Lash are made out of Silk and are individual lashes. They look extremely natural and are available in a variety of lengths and curls. Graft a Lash can last up to 4 weeks with touch ups being done during this time. Graft a Lash are excellent for any occasion and are superb for those who want to have false lashes on constantly.

Graft a Lash

Full Set $120
Half Set $240
Infill week 1
Infill week 2
Infill week 3