Brazilian Waxing

At Bella Brazilian we believe Brazilian waxing is the new bikini wax!

We specialise in Brazilian waxing. It is now a very popular treatment in Australia.


What is Brazilian waxing?

Good question. Everyone has their own interpretation of what a Brazilian wax is. So that there is no confusion, we have a Brazilian menu for you to choose from.

BB 1  – The Basic Brazilian!

We clipper the hair, wax the sides and neaten the pubic line.

BB 2 – The G-String Wax!

We clipper and neaten the pubic line, wax around the labia and into the bottom.

BB 3 – The Famous Brazilian Wax!

We clipper and wax over the labia and into the bottom leaving a strip or small triangle on the front.


BB 4-  Absolutely Nothing!

We wax it all off.




The first thing we would like to say is that our therapists have seen so many naked bits that they all start to look the same after a while. Don’t forget our therapists also have Brazilians, and every 4 weeks they are on the receiving end of the spatula so they know exactly how you feel.

We will ask you to use a personal wipe and pop into a complimentary disposable g-string. You can lay back and escape, or you can chat to our therapist. It’s your choice. Your hair will be clippered to the desired length and then waxed, all off or a more natural style, whatever you prefer.

Our therapist will use Lycon Wax that has been designed specifically for Brazilian waxing. Once the bikini area is complete you will then lie on your side and we can wax into the bottom. Once the hairs have been removed we apply Bodyscope Antiseptic moisturiser which can be purchased and used at home.

We recommend that you use the Bodyscope Tea Tree Alphahydroxy Wash at home too, to help maintain skin health and removal of bacteria and dead skin cell build up. This can be used all over the body instead of soap.




This is different for everyone and will depend on your skin type, amount and strength of hair. If you are stressed and tired the more likely it will hurt. It is best to avoid waxing just prior to your period. The first Brazilian is usually the most uncomfortable. Your therapist will make it as quick and painless as possible.

Our specially designed Lycon Wax helps to reduce the skin sensitivity.




We have a range of shapes and colours to style the pubic region.

Have some fun, the best thing about brazilian waxing is if you get bored with a certain style, it grows back and you can try something else at your next visit.

Brides why not try a blue heart for your ‘something blue’?

Surprise your man for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or celebrate your divorce and get back out there.

Get some bling bling on your thing, we have a selection of body crystals to apply to a silky smooth bikini area, or wherever else you may want one!


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