Bella Top 5 Treatments
Posted on January 22, 2009 in Tips & Techniques

1. Brow Wax

At Bella, we truly believe in the difference professionally manicured eyebrows can make! It is equivalent to a mini face lift, which takes no longer than 15 minutes. Using a wax and tweeze method, eyebrows are groomed to create the perfect frame for the face. $18

2. BB4 All Off!

The best brazilian this side of the border! Free the fuzz and get the wax everyone is talking about. We guarantee your partner will love it! $55

3. Spray Tan

Look thinner, feel sexier! Liquid Sun is known as the most innovative and natural looking sunless tan on the market today. Our 99% natural based formula enriches your skin with intensive hydrating and skin firming properties. It disguises cellulite, stretch marks and skin blemishes. It will change the way you feel about spray tans forever… $40

4. Lip Wax

We think it’s safe to say that even most men don’t look good with moustaches, so you can guess how we feel about women wearing them. Take a good hard look in the mirror. If your upper lip is covered in fuzz, we can fix you in five minutes. $10

5. Eyelash Extensions

Get that celebrity look in just minutes! Our lash extensions will make eyes appear wider, brighter and adds glamour galore! $3 per lash or $30 full set.